DSLR Videographer Workshop Melbourne

Lovely Day Films Workshops and One-on-One Mentoring

Making films can be the super most fun thing ever as well as the most insanely frustrating thing at the same time, in equal measures. It’s a visual art that can convey mood, light, even love – but it’s also highly technical and requires specific gear for specific situations. It’s multifaceted, you need to worry about stabilisation, recording audio, licensing music, editing grading, and we haven’t even started on the business side of things. To make matters even worse, it’s really really hard to find good and relevant information out there on the interwebs. I can remember back when I first started how much I would have loved a workshop that would teach me what I needed to know, or even better some one-on-one mentoring. Well, now I’m pretty chuffed to be offering one-on-one Workshops for aspiring DSLR film makers.

One-on-one Mentoring
This session is controlled by you, let me know what you’d like the session to focus on, ask me anything, all of the content is tailored to your needs. But if you’re not sure where to start, don’t panic, I have some pretty comprehensive course materials ready to go which are a great starting point. The session may cover things like:

– We’ll chat about the technical side of DSLR Video. Camera settings. Camera and lens selection, how to record flawless audio, stability, editing and data security.
– My favourite and most useful pieces of gear.
– Honing your craft. We’ll talk about how to nurture your own style and aesthetic, creative storytelling and workflow.
– Advanced techniques to get creative with your cinematography and colour grading.
– We will grab our cameras and go out and play and film stuff. See me in action, how I capture movement, ask me what I’m doing while I’m doing it, and you can film stuff too.
– Business time. All about branding, communication, building your portfolio, and how to promote yourself and attract your ideal client (especially when you don’t have many/any wedding films in your folio)
-The wedding biz. We’ll go through each part of a wedding day and discuss different ways to capture it on film from both a technical and artistic perspective. We’ll talk about how to work with photographers, capture audio, and things that can go wrong and how to avoid them.
– You’ll receive a booklet of course materials to take home.
– Anything else that you’d like to know, I’m an open book. There will be opportunity to send me questions and topics that you’d like covered in the lead up to the workshop.


2 hour session: $550 (inc GST)

Where will the session take place?
We’ll hang in either the CBD or in the Inner North, at a cafe with awesome coffee (or a bar with great wine, either way).

What you’ll need to bring.
A pen and paper for taking notes, and you may also want to bring your camera so that you can play along when we hits the streets and start filming.

Book a session!
Shoot and email through to hello@epicenter.ie, be sure to put “workshop” in the header of your email:-)